Sunday, October 26, 2008

First 3 Assignments + Armless Midgets

Hi everyone!

I'm so glad that Bobby created a blog for us. Was kinda bummed at first when I saw that there wasn't really a place for the students to interact. Thanks Bobby! I found some of our classmates on deviantART through their blogger profiles and got to see some of your personal artworks; it seems that we've got a lot of people from different backgrounds and countries and quite a variety of different styles. Which is awesome. :D Talked to Jon-Troy [Hazardous] on MSN so far, and hopefully more will join in. (I'm using the e-mail on my profile for my MSN account, so if you're on MSN add me up!)

Back to what's relevant, here are my first 3 assignments. Muscly (Metalic ><) Guy, The Stand and the, um, creature.

And here's my extra assignment for Lesson 2:

Gif animation to show painting progress.

Wanted to try out different skin tones. Did this with the techniques learned in Lesson 1 and 2. If anyone wants to try colorizing skin tones for practice, here's a larger version of my painting before adding color and before cleaning up. [link] If you post it anywhere else, please credit me.

Feel free to critique or even totally stomp on my work if you see anything wrong, because I really want to improve. Thanks in advance!

P/s: I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Ciaee, 22 this year, Malaysian Chinese, just graduated from art school, currently working (sort of) as a freelance illustrator, and love drawing and painting a lot... but prefer sleeping.


Hazardous said...

My god, I dont know what to say, this is soooooo good! Its too high level for me to see any bad things.

I love the frogapillar - the folds are amazing *is gobsmacked* i can learn so much looking at your one.

And your second assignment... *jaw falls on ground*

*cant speak anymore*

Ciaee [Ching Cia Ee, 鄭家儀] said...

Thank you for your kind compliment, Troy!

Frogapillar's an awesome name! And since you told me I could call you anything.... "Old frogapillar" is purrfect. Nyahahah! >:D

Glad you like my work!

Fairyqueen said...

aww youre so good! I wish my creature turned out that way :P
I like the sunset on the stand :) Maybe you could tone it abit down,but else is perfect :P

Ciaee [Ching Cia Ee, 鄭家儀] said...

Hey, Thanks for your honest comment! :3

I never really considered what time of the day it was in The Stand, and now that you've pointed that out... I probably should have! For a sunset, the light in the background does seem a little too bright. ><

Let's all work hard together! :D

Althea Aseoche said...

Hi Ciaee! Great to see you've posted up your first few assignments! The creature is looking quite smashing! As fairyqueen said, the stand could be toned down a bit, but it's awesome to see a different set of colours! I'm not very good at colours so I just.... tried to copy Bobby for most of it. ^^;

I like your characters too. I do feel it's a bit weird that they don't have arms or hands. It might be a little clearer if they had just their hands?

Did you learn to paint on your own? You've got this... nice shiny look to your paintings.

fatjester said...

You're off to an excellent start!

You've really taken the lessons to heart with the extra work, and it will really pay off!

Ciaee [Ching Cia Ee, 鄭家儀] said...

Hey there, Althea! (beautiful name btw.)

I think it's perfectly fine to follow Bobby's demo piece exactly, especially when you're not familiar with the technique. Just go at your own pace! :D Since I had some experience with colorizing in the past, I decided to try changing the entire color scheme.

On my "Armless Midgets", on my rough draft they DID actually have arms. I later decided to omit them 'cos I thought it looked better overall without them and I wanted the white space to connect a little better. Hmmmm...

I just graduated from a local art school a few months back. (Diploma in Illustration) But most of the digital painting techniques that I use now are self-taught.

On shininess, I think I'll have to be a bit more careful with that or everything will start looking... metallic. Like my muscle guy. ><

Ciaee [Ching Cia Ee, 鄭家儀] said...

Hello fatjester!

Thank you very much for those words of encouragement! :D

openanewworld said...

nice work in general, second assignment if you pick up a warmer tone like that the shadow needs to be color, the little creature is great, about your own work I think it will be better to draw the body to practise the shadow and cast shadow and value, as long as they stand together I think you need show tinny interection between them, I like anime face too but they still have variations I think you can improve that becasue they look pretty similar to each other in face, I am chinese too haha

Ciaee [Ching Cia Ee, 鄭家儀] said...

Hey Herman, thanks for adding me up on MSN! And... I WILL join CA sooooon. XD

About the shadows in The Stand, I agree with you. I did try and make them a little cooler but now it looks like it might not be cool enough.

On my "Armless Midgets", I didn't draw the bodies on purpose because I wanted to play with the white space in the image, but I can see where you're coming from about the face. I gotta work harder! Yoshhh!

Cuteariel said...

Hi Ciaee, I also check your website last night, as the minute I saw your post in this blog. I found we both Chinese althrough you are Malay and I'm Taiwaness. I love your painting in your website, It's so impress!! I would love to have u in my msn, so please join me ~"ariel". nice to meet you!!

Ciaee [Ching Cia Ee, 鄭家儀] said...

Hey Ariel! Thanks for dropping by at my website. You're right about me being Chinese and a Malaysian citizen.

I would love to add you up on MSN, but I don't have your e-mail address. So maybe you can add me instead? [zhengciaee(at)] Or if you like, you can give me your e-mail address. :D