Saturday, January 24, 2009

Assignment 6

I learned SO much on this lesson. GREAT stuff.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Assignment 5

Thanks for keeping the blog alive, Matt... Other classmates, where are ya?

Here's my take on the Old Man... didn't venture too far from the lesson, just tried to make him a little more scraggly and changed some minor age lines.

Assignment 5

The before and after, from Bobby's line art to my final painting using the smudge technique and a little bit of the brush tool.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Intro / Assignments 1-4

Hey Everyone,
Matt did us the favor of breaking the ice, so let's back him up with some intros!

My name's Ian, and I'm a 3D Character Modeler in Oakland, CA. Learning to paint to build on drawing and storytelling, as well as to develop a better eye for light. Bobby's very cool piece got my attention in the Totoro Forest Project (heyyyy... after Textures 1 we sort of know how he did that!), so it's great to be a part of his class.

Would love to see this site turn into a critique area for In-Progress work leading up to each deadline; we could all learn a lot adding that experience.

Bobby reviewed my take on Flex and offered a very helpful critique: I got caught up with brushes and transitions and lost track of the bigger forms. Also pushed the contrast a bit too far, but hey, lesson learned.

...and this is what I've done since the Sun last saw me:

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Assignment 4 - Before and After

Click to enlarge. Bobby Chiu's original base-coat for his piece "Kangamolebunny" is on the right, the left my work for the assignment. I'm completely exhausted now, thank you and good night. Oh, but wait, tomorrow is lesson 5. I'm loving this, don't take this as complaining. But good lord, its intense.

PS: Where's some other folks' work!? :)

Assignment 3

I really look forward to seeing some more of these! This was really really hard and really fun.