Monday, October 27, 2008

My first time to post in the blog, nice to meet you guys, these are the works I have done for bobby's class so far, critiques are very welcome.

my first assignment big muscle guy needs a girl friend so I draw him a girl friend

I kind of combine lesson 2 and lesson 3 to develop another picture myself


Althea Aseoche said...

Hello! I think your stuff is awesome and the extra work you do is just incredible! That's all I really have to say. I'll have to leave the critiques to Bobby because I don't have any. >_< *hides in the corner*

Ciaee [Ching Cia Ee, 鄭家儀] said...
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Ciaee [Ching Cia Ee, 鄭家儀] said...

Uwahh... everything looks amazing. I just love your creature and your extra assignment looks wicked!

For "The Stand", I felt that the cowboys are looking a little pale. Well, actually everything looks slightly desaturated. But maybe that's caused by the moonlight.

I love the painterly feel you have in your paintings!

Carl Knox said...

Love the girlfriend dude. great sketch and rendering!

openanewworld said...

Althea Aseoche thanks, I like critiques as it is your serious feeling I want to hear do don't hide

Ciaee, thanks for the nice words yeap about the stand I do have problem on using layers becasue usually you don't get to control what it looks like as the ps does it for you, I do try to put some warmer and saturated color in shadow area under the cold light source, anyway thanks for the critiques

Carl Knox, thanks

Althea Aseoche said...

hehe you don't have to call me by my full name. Althea is fine.
I really like the feeling of weight with the frog-pillar creature. It's got this nice 3-dimensional look to it, as if you could pick it up off the screen.

Fairyqueen said...

I agree with ciaee, the stand is to desurated, needs more color!
I love the girl,LOL shes scary:P
I like youre creature, wow now I feel like a neewb, have drawn in ps cs3 for almost 2years now(after christmas) and Im not that good yet, :O
But we all have to begin somwhere:D

Hazardous said...

Insane work here man! i love the idea of the extra piece you have created, i really enjoy the spirit coming out - so powerful!

Do more!!!