Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Caterfroggysluggypillar or whatever

Lesson three was definitely a lot of fun. Loved the technique!

Assignments no. 2 & 3

Hi everyone,
Here's what I've been doing lately.
I've been painting the bodybuilder again but it's not finished yet.
I had no problems with the second assignment. I don't know If the final result is good but I'm happy with it. The third assignment was a lot of fun but it took me hours to finish it.


Monday, November 16, 2009

Assigment 2, aka Pain in the @$%$

Hi everybody!
After hours and hours, here's my assignment for lesson two.
Don't know you guys, but it took me a lifetime to get into the color/overlay thing, in terms of saturation and stuff.
In the end I was messing with final hue/levels adjustments, so I decided it was time to upload.


Oh, yeah. I put some yellow glows on those zombies, as if they had some fire. I thought "Ok, what's better than zombie natives? Fiery zombie natives".

Monday, November 9, 2009

First Lesson

Hi guys,

Here's my first homework. I had the same problems with the Flow and Opacity as everyone else but I think I'm getting better at it. Feel free to comment.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Flex them muscles

Hay hay, here's my submission for the assignment :D

Learned a lot, and I must say, I have a better understanding on how to paint!! Now I hope I can apply it to my own drawings properly haha.

Took me around 2-3hrs? I can't remember, but it was a lot faster than how I would paint before!!

I think I should darken some of the lines that separates each muscle. At first it was too dark...now it's too light :( Gonna have to mess around with it some more...and add veins!

Monday, November 2, 2009


Whoa, I'm so excited!

Hello ladies and guys! I'm Riccardo from Italy, one of the new students of Bobby's course!

Yesterday I took my first class, and painted until half past midnight, local time! I ended up exausted, but during the week I don't have much time for extra-work painting, so I took my chance on Sunday, and the muscled dude up here is what I managed to do for my assignment!

Lot to improve, so please don't be shy, critiques and comments are welcome!

P. s.: well, if you really want to be shy, then be it.

P. p. s.: this evening I'm having a lot of troubles with uploading images on Blogger... Maybe I won't be able to post my work!