Wednesday, December 2, 2009


hello! this is my first post, so here are my assignments so far...

and this is the current assignment. i gave her angry eyes for fun:

i'm still not totally happy with it... i'm having such a hard time with the rocks! it seems like they need to be defined but when i try to define them i paint over the texture and they look flat and blurry. anyone have any rock painting tips?


Rik! said...

Jeez Gwynne, with Assignment 4 I had the exactly same problems! I'm afraid your rock wall isn't working good, but the Bunny is definitely cool and evil!

By the way, your works are awesome! I really like assignment 3, it's great!

And, most of all, is good seeing other students, me and Bidzej were looking like Tom Hanks in Cast Away...I played Wilson.

Sting said...

Really great style! I buied one of your sketch book one year ago (about monsters). Bravo! ;)

BiDzej said...

Hi and welcome to our island. You can sit next to Wilson ;)

I like your kangamolebunny (especially her evil eyes). And the rocks... I don't know, I think the important thing is to follow the direction of the imported texture. And to pay more attention to the bigger masses than to details of the rocks.
And your other assignments are really nice.

Cheers, BiDzej