Friday, December 11, 2009


Here's what I've learned so far... Used one of my drawings and painted it using the techniques from the first three lessons. Hope you like it.



wahzill said...

Wow! It totally has a 3D element to it...great work!

Rik! said...

I really like your effort, BiDzej, and all the extra work you're doing. That's truly admirable.

That being said, your painting sucks.
No, I'm joking!!

What I like, is that kinda realistic feel of the creature (in the skin texture and light saturation) mixed with the cartoon tone of the shape and situation.

Thumbs up!!

BiDzej said...

Thanks wahzill and Rik!

Rik: You have a great sense of humor and always make me laugh. Thumbs up, as you'd say :)

Rik! said...

What can I say...I guess it's my italian half...

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