Monday, January 5, 2009

Intro / Assignments 1-4

Hey Everyone,
Matt did us the favor of breaking the ice, so let's back him up with some intros!

My name's Ian, and I'm a 3D Character Modeler in Oakland, CA. Learning to paint to build on drawing and storytelling, as well as to develop a better eye for light. Bobby's very cool piece got my attention in the Totoro Forest Project (heyyyy... after Textures 1 we sort of know how he did that!), so it's great to be a part of his class.

Would love to see this site turn into a critique area for In-Progress work leading up to each deadline; we could all learn a lot adding that experience.

Bobby reviewed my take on Flex and offered a very helpful critique: I got caught up with brushes and transitions and lost track of the bigger forms. Also pushed the contrast a bit too far, but hey, lesson learned.

...and this is what I've done since the Sun last saw me:


Matt said...

nice touch, the drool on the baby's head. :)

snOOze said...

Funny thing! I also did the drol on the baby's head. Saw it just now after posting my assignment! Have a look:
Really nice job btw! But it could do a bit more saturation i think!