Monday, January 19, 2009

Assignment 5

Thanks for keeping the blog alive, Matt... Other classmates, where are ya?

Here's my take on the Old Man... didn't venture too far from the lesson, just tried to make him a little more scraggly and changed some minor age lines.


Francisco Martins said...

Really cool!

Francisco Martins

Matt said...

I really like what you did here, and thanks for the support on the blog, ha.

I think custom brushes would have made a WORLD of difference on this piece if it was 'my' art. You handed the hair really well, I struggled there.

Great job, I'm interested to see what Bobby has to say!

chris said...

this is an amazing course, you did really great here.

Ian said...

Thanks guys! Matt I think you're absolutely right, particularly with respect to the blown out or dense areas that hide the repetition. The smudge tool can certainly help, too.

Ajit Kumar Patri said...

gr8 work........ like most of the work