Sunday, January 4, 2009

Assignment 4 - Before and After

Click to enlarge. Bobby Chiu's original base-coat for his piece "Kangamolebunny" is on the right, the left my work for the assignment. I'm completely exhausted now, thank you and good night. Oh, but wait, tomorrow is lesson 5. I'm loving this, don't take this as complaining. But good lord, its intense.

PS: Where's some other folks' work!? :)


Ian said...

Hey Matt -
Thanks for getting us started! Nice job on the wrinkles above the mouth, too - the flow direction is good, like you're starting to feel the stretch of the mouth opening.

Forgive the late response - really hope the whole class can get talking here - but I'm hoping the class starts piping up now that the holidays are through!

Like you I just plugged in and knocked these two texture assignments out in marathon sessions... WHEW! I'll be dreaming of a world in Overlay. Will post in a sec, and if the next deadline is easier let's try to get in pre-submission critiques on this blog, too...

- Ian

Anonymous said...

whoa! I absolutely love the final touch ups to this piece with the texture and (I believe) extra rendering. This is a great example of solid process with before and after work! =)

L. D. Adonis said...

I am amazed at how you guys have mastered the use of the wacom tablet. I kep trying but need to work on my hand / eye coordination.

Do any of your Schoolism guys have a Wacom Cintiq?? I assume you use an Intuos. I have a Graphire 4.