Saturday, November 7, 2009

Flex them muscles

Hay hay, here's my submission for the assignment :D

Learned a lot, and I must say, I have a better understanding on how to paint!! Now I hope I can apply it to my own drawings properly haha.

Took me around 2-3hrs? I can't remember, but it was a lot faster than how I would paint before!!

I think I should darken some of the lines that separates each muscle. At first it was too it's too light :( Gonna have to mess around with it some more...and add veins!

1 comment:

Rik! said...

Jeez! Finally you posted something!! Joking.
Your Flex is good, as far as I can tell! The abs on your painting are definitely more visible then mine, I guess I went too dark on them.

Maybe your brush strokes need a bit more rendering in some points (like the veins), but in the end we're all in the hands of teacher Bobby!