Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Caterfroggysluggypillar or whatever

Lesson three was definitely a lot of fun. Loved the technique!


BiDzej said...

Wow, It's really good. I like the wrinkles. I think you defined them well.

G1toons said...

it was good seeing you at the CTN panel on small studios, hope to be taking classes soon

Rik! said...

Er, G1toons, I'm afraid you're mistaking me with Bobby.
What can I say, my ego is very pleased with that.

Bobby's ego, on the other hand, is going to punch you in the face (after eating wheat grass, I guess...).

BiDzej, I just went crazy with those hateful wrinkles, and I was seriously risking to give an unfinished painting!

Peter Oedekoven said...