Monday, November 16, 2009

Assigment 2, aka Pain in the @$%$

Hi everybody!
After hours and hours, here's my assignment for lesson two.
Don't know you guys, but it took me a lifetime to get into the color/overlay thing, in terms of saturation and stuff.
In the end I was messing with final hue/levels adjustments, so I decided it was time to upload.


Oh, yeah. I put some yellow glows on those zombies, as if they had some fire. I thought "Ok, what's better than zombie natives? Fiery zombie natives".


BiDzej said...

Nice work. Maybe it took you hours to finish it but it's worth it. And yes, the hardest part is to find a color that's not too saturated. When I first tried to colorize a creature from the third assignment It looked like it's radioactive :)

Rik! said...

Well, BiDzej, who tells you that creature isn't actually radioactive?

BiDzej said...

When I think of it, you're right! :)