Monday, November 2, 2009


Whoa, I'm so excited!

Hello ladies and guys! I'm Riccardo from Italy, one of the new students of Bobby's course!

Yesterday I took my first class, and painted until half past midnight, local time! I ended up exausted, but during the week I don't have much time for extra-work painting, so I took my chance on Sunday, and the muscled dude up here is what I managed to do for my assignment!

Lot to improve, so please don't be shy, critiques and comments are welcome!

P. s.: well, if you really want to be shy, then be it.

P. p. s.: this evening I'm having a lot of troubles with uploading images on Blogger... Maybe I won't be able to post my work!


CYip said...

Man, Im having trouble doing the first black wash...:( When I do it, it`s too hard...even at 30% Opacity and 20% Flow. Using CS4 with Intuos3

Rik said...

Tell me about it, CYip!
It took me a lot of time, dark tones in particular!
To have more control over it, I lowered both Opacity and Flow almost to 0 in some points, and put layer after layer of color and brush strokes, until I got what I wanted.

And some extra work is still to be done. My assignment need many adjustment...

CYip said...

Ah ok, guess Ill have to try that...I guess I was too focused on using Bobby's settings haha. Damn me...stubborn D: YOurs looks fantastic!! But there is always room for improvement :D Good job man

BiDzej said...

Hi guys,
My name is Biljana and I'm from Croatia. I'm also a new student of Bobby's course.
My painting is not finished yet (I'll post it soon). But I can see that I have the same problems as yours :) I kept Opacity and Flow higher and had problems controlling them. I found out that the best rate is Opacity 20% and Flow 10% (for the parts where you want smooth transitions).
Riccardo: I like your painting but I think that It's a bit too dark. Maybe you should try to make highlights brighter. Keep up the good work!

Rik! said...

Thanks for the advice guys! In my few spare moments from work I'm still exercising, but there's definitely a lot to do to get it right!

BiDzej, you're right, I had a lot of problems with contrast and highlights! It took me hours, and still a lot to fix!

C'mon, post some of your paintings!! Can't wait to see your work too!

CYip said...

Hay BiDzej, yeah after hours of experimenting, I gotta lower the Opacity and Flow a lot more than what Bobby has. Now I just gotta start painting this guy again >_>

As for the brightness...the painting looks fine on my monitor o_o Just the belly area is really dark though.