Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Althea's week 5 and week 3

Hi Everyone,

I thought I'd stop being slack and post something up here... ^^; Ok, so I do have an ulterior motive - I'd really love some critiques, particularly for the week 5 assignment since I don't feel it's complete yet and I do actually want to go back in and fix it up. (although I'm a bit flakey about this so I might not end up doing so anyway...)

This one's my week 3 assignment. I'm really posting it here just to make this post look a little bit better. XD I do have to say this was my third attempt... back when I had so much more time. >__<;

I'm a bit of a bum though, I haven't done any painting of my own. I was going to wait until I did one before I posted here but alas, I've concluded that I'm already neck deep in work. DX So I don't think that's going to happen any time soon. I've gotta concentrate on learning to draw better for a new job starting in December.

Anyways, take care fellow comrades!

Mariann, why did you delete your posts? D8


Ciaee [Ching Cia Ee, 鄭家儀] said...

Hey Althea! Great to see you finally posting on this blog.

For Assignment 5, when looking at the wrinkles on his face (specifically under his eyes), the lighting becomes a little ambiguous. Overall, the hair looks good but I'd soften the ends a little and add a little bit of cast shadow underneath. Also, it looks like you ran out of time to further define his clothing there.

I really like your Frogapillar assignment; I think you did that one really well.

Keep working hard! RAWR!

Althea Aseoche said...

Thanks Ciaee! Good to know which areas to work on.