Wednesday, November 19, 2008

tribute to Bobby's style:) practice assignment

Hello again peepz! I've tried out a painting of a creature, using Bobby Chiu's style, and allready excisting features of some of his creatures, so im not taking any credit:) (hope it is ok:) ).

I have become better at freehand paintings, but im still struggling a bit with the realistic parts. on this creature for instance, im having a hard time with the shadows is the face.
Can anyone of you fellow students help, or give me a hint? =) Thanks

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Althea Aseoche said...

To me the over all painting is looking flat. The lighter areas in the bumps are popping out of the page, where as the body feels like it's a flat surface. I'd work a bit more on the body so that it has more volume (kind of like the tongue - that's looking like it has more of a 3D feel to it.) Also, if you follow the lighting direction of the tongue, then parts of the body that are in shadow should be a lot darker (like under it's neck). That will help give it more shape and might be why you're having trouble with the shadows on the face. Good luck!