Thursday, November 20, 2008

project used the technique of lesson 1&2

Hi everyone,
this is the project I've working on right now, I'm trying to use the technique I learn from this class, but for the coloring part, I really have trouble for picking the color.
for the coloring layer, I only use the "color"mode because I'm so confuse how to choose the exact color before click the action button. so I'm basicly color directly on the "color mode" I can see exactly how the color turn out right away.
here are my question...
1. I'm not quite sure why Bobby use both "color" and "overlay" mode when coloring.
I find it really hard to get the color I want.
2.this painting took me forever to finish the b/w, and the color. does any other faster way to do it when the sketch is too complex?
3.when I choose the color, I'm basicly "guessing" the color before I pick it, I can't get the exactly color I wish for, is that correct?

I put the larger size of these two image in the below link,

please please give me some advise. eventhough I'm finish this painting, I still feel so confuse.><.
thank you guys!!


Althea Aseoche said...

I know what you mean... I found it so hard to choose my own colours when I had to guess what they'd look like after the 2 colour modes!

Instead, what I found myself doing was taking bobby's grayscale image and setting it to multiply (I think it was. XD) I lightened it up heaps... then I'd just roughly paint colours until I found a colour scheme that worked. Afterwards, I'd go back to the actual painting and try to match the colours I picked. I *think* it must be a thing that develops automatically as you become more familiar with colours. Unfortunately for me, that isn't the case yet. >_<

As for your current colour scheme, at the moment it kind of feels like the characters are disappearing into the background... and I think that's mainly because the colour of the grass is very saturated and warm so the grass is brought forward, compared to the softer colours you have on the characters. So try toning down the grass a little bit? Also perhaps accentuate the characters with a bit more light and shadow so they read clearer?

Hope that helps!

Cuteariel said...

hi Althea,
thanks so much for your suggestion.
I think you right, it should become more familier if more experience. I also found my charactor disappearing, I guess that because after I finish my B/W,i went for the coloring, the grass was too dark that I can't get the green I want, so I went back to b/w and lighten up the grass area, so that makes the charactor similar tone as grass.
it was very frustrated that I can't get everything right in the begining. I guess I should practice more and more.

Hazardous said...

Hey Ariel! Wow honestly!! this blows my mind, I would find it so difficult to produce something like this image. I love how theres so many little stories going on in this image.

You mentioned you were very frustrated when you cant get things right - WELCOME to my painful world!!!!! But push push push you can do it!!

Cuteariel said...

Hi Hazardous, Ha, you really courage me! I think now I know that I'm not alone.ha. My editor actually said she loves my's such a big release. but if I have more time, I should probably go back to work more on the value of the grass that Althea had suggested me. But again, thanks for telling me that I'm not the only one who is frustrating!!